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Argus was established shortly after an increase in Cyber Attacks on Australian Companies in 2022 which resulted in thousands of customers personal information being accessible on the dark web. 

Argus Cyber Consulting is dedicated to enhancing cyber security for our clients. We strive to assist both private and government organizations in making Australia a leading secure destination for online connectivity. 

Our services include expert consultation, comprehensive threat assessments, and effective mitigation strategies to safeguard both individuals and businesses against cyber threats.

In the event of a cyber security incident, we promptly provide clear guidance and instructions to individuals and organizations on the appropriate steps to report and address the situation.

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Our comprehensive suite of services includes expert consultation, thorough threat assessments, and tailored mitigation strategies to address the unique security needs of our clients. We work closely with individuals and organisations to help them safeguard against cyber threats and ensure the protection of valuable information and assets.